The Bone is Lincoln's Newest Music Station! 105.3 The Bone is Lincoln’s Real Rock; the best Classic Rock from the late 60’s to the early 2000’s. 105.3 The Bone is a heavier presentation than the traditional Classic Rock stations, as it is built for Classic Rock fans from Boomers to Gen-Z. Check back often, as we'll update this page with new features soon!

Woody & Wilcox

Not your average morning show, Woody, Wilcox, Chelsea and Cool Beans find the funniest, and sometimes, the oddest things in the world and they make a show out of it. From "Craigslist Price Is Right," "It Came From Florida," to "Fun With Golf," you will never be bored. Catch Woody and Wilcox 6-10 a.m. every workday.


Lunch Blox

Every day at Noon, Jill fires up the fryer and drops in five two-fers to enjoy for lunch. Jill is always available to make substitutions just by emailing her at or through a Facebook DM.


Dumbass of the Day

In a world where things get more strange by the day, there is one constant…people do dumb things. So Steve celebrates those taking a place in Darwin’s waiting room and their lack of intellect with the Dumbass of the Day, every day at 4 p.m.


5 O'Clock Free For All

As the workday ends, instead of dragging your butt home, 105.3 The Bone kicks it into high gear with the 5 o’clock Free For All. The entire hour is chocked full of upbeat Real Rock and Steve’s sarcastic quips about how you are always one day closer to the weekend.