Our sales team is here to help you during this time. Click on the videos below to learn how.

Broadcast House Virtual Remotes

Virtual remotes are a great way to connect your business with our audience. Cathryn, Kathy, and Trevor have more details on what our virtual remotes entail and how they can help your company.

Advertising During A Crisis

Melissa and Tate talk about advertising during a crisis, and why it could be the perfect time to reach your audience. They’d love to help you plan the present and future of your business.

Stay Entertained and Informed

During these times of working from home and changing plans, Michelle and Scott want to remind you that you can still stay entertained and informed with our stations.

Advertise With Husker Sports

Jazzarae, Kathy and Tate invite your business to be a part of the Husker tradition thru one of our Husker Sponsorships or by advertising your business during Husker Football, Men’s Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, and/or Women’s Basketball broadcasts on our stations.

Bargain Deals

Cathryn, Krista, and Scott explain what Bargain Deals are and what is included, as well as how they can be helpful for businesses to reach new customers.

Endorsements For Your Business

Michelle, Melissa, and Trevor touch on the ins and outs of an endorsement and are joined by a special guest to give his perspective on the subject.


Jazzarae and Krista talk about how Broadcast House offers streaming on all five of its stations so listeners can tune in through mobile devices, computers and smart speakers no matter where they are.